Coffee Cake with a Few Surprises

It’s a cold January day and after coming in from snow shoeing I thought it would be nice to bake something from Aunt Lil’s recipe book. The book opened to a recipe called “Rich Coffee Cake.” The page is incredibly stained, so I assume Aunt Lil liked this recipe and used it. Like many cake [...] Read more »

Left over ham? No problem!

Dan and I had lots of left over ham from Christmas dinner since it was just the two of us eating. So naturally, I looked for a good recipe to use from among my vintage cook books that included ham. Ever since purchasing 150 Recipes: Casserole Cookery by Marian and Nino Tracy I’d wanted to [...] Read more »

Harvard Beets – A New England Tradition

Dan grew up outside of Boston in the 1950s and enjoyed many culinary experiences that were not found in my home in the Mid-West. Harvard Beets for example. I’d never even heard of them. Dan hated them as a child, which makes sense. They aren’t exactly a child-friendly vegetable. But now he loves them and [...] Read more »