Coffee Gelatine Pie – What A Treat!

My husband Dan grew up in the 1950s in Quincy, MA outside of Boston in a family with deep New England/Canadian/Scottish roots. The food he ate was often food I’ve never heard of such as the fruit punch XaRex (worthy of a whole other blog. We do drink this). One food he remembers very fondly [...] Read more »

Cooking with Mickey Mouse

Move over Julia Child, Rachel Ray, or Rick Bayless. Turns out Mickey Mouse is also a chef producing quite a few cook books over the years. I’m fortunate enough to now own the earliest of the Mickey Mouse cook books dating from the 1930s. This was quite a find for me. Hidden in the back [...] Read more »

Irish Scones

It’s pretty rare for me to get excited about a modern cook book. My mind is just too much in the past. Recently, however, I stumbled on a cook book that I just couldn’t resist: Home Made Winter by Yvette Van Boven (2012). I loved the book’s design, photos of Ireland, and recipes for everything [...] Read more »