Fall’s finale – Apple Dumplings

I promise this is my last fall entry using apples. I love using apples in desserts, so maybe I went a bit overboard. And if you’ve been reading my blog all along, you will notice that I have never made a chocolate dessert. Why? Because chocolate gives me migraines. Yes, it’s a sad, sad fact. [...] Read more »

Apple Puff Pancake – A Breakfast Treat

Still filled with apples in the house, so when I saw my husband’s cousin Meredith post a recipe for Apple Puffed Pancake I took notice. Especially when she said she’d been eating it for “years and years.” While not as old as most of my recipes, this one dates from 1979. It comes from Cooking [...] Read more »

Dutch Apple Cake Revisited – A Fall Dessert

Here in New Hampshire we are now in the midst of apple season. After a recent visit to a nearby orchard, I wanted to bake something other than apple crisp or apple brown betty, so I looked through my cook books for something that excited me. Ah, the infamous Dutch Apple Cake! Infamous, because in [...] Read more »