Rationing and Yankee Magazine

That’s right, we’ll be talking about World War II rationing and Yankee Magazine today. What do they have in common? Well, not much really. But I have lots of news to share about both. Last Sunday I gave my first lecture on World War II cooking and rationing at the Wright Museum of World War [...] Read more »

Stand Mixer Joy

Yes, I love my new to me 1970s era Sunbeam Stand Mixer. What’s not to love. I bet this puppy will keep going for the next 20 years. And while I was at it, I was browsing through fun images of women with their stand mixers. There’s some great vintage women’s magazine images that I’m [...] Read more »

World War II Cookies – Peanut Rocks

As I get ready for my talk in two weeks, I’ve been experimenting with different recipes. I’ve promised everyone that samples will be provided! My first attempt at molasses cookies was awful (though Dan liked them). But I have to remember these recipes may not turn out as good as I’d like. Sugar substitutes and [...] Read more »