Gingerbread – Again

I needed something quick to take to a party on Friday. Looking in my pantry and through my recipes, I decided to make Gingerbread. It’s easy, portable, and was perfect for a cold, chilly night. Yes, I’ve blogged about Gingerbread before in a March, 2013 post. But can one ever get enough of this tasty [...] Read more »

Bread Baking Fun

I admit it. I fear yeast. Which means I fear making any kind of bread except quick breads. This week, I tried to combat this fear by taking a bread baking class with our local education extension program. Dan came along, and we spent a fun four hours learning how to make several types of [...] Read more »

Homemade Apple Dumplings

There’s no better fall dessert than Apple Dumplings made from scratch. There are lots of great apple orchards in our area including McKenzie Farm. Loaded up with apples from the farm,  I searched for a recipe in a c. 1920s Calumet Baking Powder pamphlet. The resulting dumplings were delicious.       Dumplings have been around as food [...] Read more »