Spicy Gingerbread

Today’s cookbook to explore from the collection was another from Dan, The Book of Hot & Spicy Foods, 1987. Oh, so not me! As I went through looking for a recipe, I was pleased to see a nice dessert section that focused on “spiced” desserts. One of which was frosted gingerbread. That was something I [...] Read more »

The Pizza Stretch

The next cookbook I pulled out from our large collection was Pizzas: Cooking with Style, 1994. Really? Pizzas? Again, one of Dan’s cookbooks. As I opened the cover I found this sweet inscription “Much love on our 2nd Valentine’s Day, 2001, Lisa.” We don’t remember which came first. Dan’s interest in making pizza from scratch, [...] Read more »

Tenderfeet Chili

In my quest to use the cookbooks we’ve accumulated, yesterday I made the Abilene Choral Society and Music Guild Chili found in the Manhattan Chili Co. Southwest American Cookbook, 1986. As the cookbook writer said, “this is gourmet chili for tenderfeet.” I love spicy food, but not too spicy. And living in rural New Hampshire [...] Read more »

Corn Muffins with Bacon

From mid May – early November, my work life at the museum means that there’s not much blogging. I still cook, but just don’t have the energy to blog. Life is slower now and my weekends, for the most part, are mine. I work from home in the winter in my cozy office on the [...] Read more »

Tudor Kitchens of England

Dan and I were lucky enough to visit England for two weeks and naturally our itinerary revolved around museums and food. A number of house museums we visited had immense kitchens or the Great Hall set up for a feast. Here’s a look at what we discovered. During our London week we went to Hampton [...] Read more »