Bread Baking Fun

I admit it. I fear yeast. Which means I fear making any kind of bread except quick breads.

This week, I tried to combat this fear by taking a bread baking class with our local education extension program. Dan came along, and we spent a fun four hours learning how to make several types of bread.

The class, however, was very basic. The instructor basically made the mix while we watched (in a large industrial mixer) and then we put the finishing touches on the breads before they baked.

We made Focaccia bread, Ciabatta bread, French bread, crusty wheat rolls, and dill flavored soft rolls. But the piece de resistance were the Danishes. Oh my we’re they good!

Am I over my fear? Heck no, but I feel I can tackle making some bread. We have tons now in the freezer however. But I still couldn’t resist making some Cheese Beer Bread from a King Arthur Flour recipe yesterday. Totally yum!

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  1. Bev says:

    Lisa, I’ve been making yeast breads since I was a little kid! I worked along side of mom and then by myself. When I was young that was the only kind of bread she ever made. I(t’s not really that hard.

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