Know-Nothing Breakfast Cake – Art and Politics Mixed!

Surely this name has your attention. It certainly got mine. This recipe is from my newest vintage cookbook, Bucks the Artists’ County Cooks: A Gourmet’s Guide to Estimable Comestibles with Pictures, 1950. The book was published by the Woman’s Auxiliary of Trinity Chapel in Solebury, PA.  The cookbook is filled with unusual recipes. Besides the [...] Read more »

German Apple Pancakes

When the Brussels sprouts recipe bombed from the Betty Crocker’s International Cookbook last week, I decided that I should try another recipe. With some apples in the house and nothing else around for dinner, I made their recipe for German Apple Pancakes or Apfelpfannkuchen. Yes, I found a winning recipe!  This was super easy to [...] Read more »

Corn Meal Griddle Cakes from Mabry Mill

Not sure if this tiny, and I mean tiny, pamphlet qualifies as a cookbook. But next up on my book shelf was Mabry Mill Old Southern Recipes. Dan and I picked this up along with stone ground corn meal one time when we were visiting Dan’s brother in Meadows of Dan, Virginia. (No, the community [...] Read more »

Apple Puff Pancake – A Breakfast Treat

Still filled with apples in the house, so when I saw my husband’s cousin Meredith post a recipe for Apple Puffed Pancake I took notice. Especially when she said she’d been eating it for “years and years.” While not as old as most of my recipes, this one dates from 1979. It comes from Cooking [...] Read more »

Coffee Cake with a Few Surprises

It’s a cold January day and after coming in from snow shoeing I thought it would be nice to bake something from Aunt Lil’s recipe book. The book opened to a recipe called “Rich Coffee Cake.” The page is incredibly stained, so I assume Aunt Lil liked this recipe and used it. Like many cake [...] Read more »

Perfect Parker House Pancakes

If you’ll recall a few blogs ago I had some issues with that easy breakfast staple, waffles. Aunt Lillian’s waffle recipe had produced a thick, chewy waffle that really didn’t make anyone want to run to the breakfast table. But after reading up on waffles, I did indeed find a recipe that was a winner. [...] Read more »

Waffling over Aunt Lillian’s Waffles

As I was looking through Aunt Lillian’s cookbook, it struck me that Aunt Lillian’s recipe for waffles might be a fun and simple recipe to make – certainly all the ingredients are on hand at any time in our kitchen. Dan and I have a special fondness for waffles having made them since we started [...] Read more »