Aunt Lil – A Maine Adventure

Yes, I’ve been mighty quiet, but for good reason. On November 13, I began a new job in Castine, Maine! And with great luck our house in New Hampshire sold in two days resulting in a flurry of activity as we bought a home and moved the household and animals four hours northeast. For those [...] Read more »

What a Difference a Recipe Makes

Last week’s Banana Cake was a disaster. This week’s was sublime. The difference? It was all in the recipe. I felt determined to make a good Banana Cake. After reviewing many recipes in my vintage cookbooks, I decided to use The Joy of Cooking, by Irma Bombauer from the 1943 WWII edition. I can’t remember [...] Read more »

That Sinking Feeling – Cake Disasters

I really wanted my next post to be about something yummy, but that won’t be for this post. I’ve been wanting to try making a banana cake for some time now. Banana cake was a very popular cake that has since gone out of favor. Today, you use your bananas to make banana bread. But [...] Read more »

Aunt Lil Bakes with Weight Watchers

I love to bake and I love to eat. And I hate to exercise. The result – some unwanted pounds that keep adding up. So Aunt Lil joined Weight Watchers. This isn’t my first time, so I know the ropes. Portion control is key, as well as tracking what you eat! But, no matter what, [...] Read more »

Vintage Tomato Soup Cake

Cake made from tomato soup. Really? I’ve seen the recipe over and over in my old cookbooks, but just hadn’t tried it. Yesterday I did, and wow was I glad. Let me say that at first,  while I was incorporating the tomato soup into the batter, I was starting to regret the decision to try [...] Read more »

Know-Nothing Breakfast Cake – Art and Politics Mixed!

Surely this name has your attention. It certainly got mine. This recipe is from my newest vintage cookbook, Bucks the Artists’ County Cooks: A Gourmet’s Guide to Estimable Comestibles with Pictures, 1950. The book was published by the Woman’s Auxiliary of Trinity Chapel in Solebury, PA.  The cookbook is filled with unusual recipes. Besides the [...] Read more »

British Bake Off Frenzy

I totally loved the Great British Bake Off when it appeared last month on PBS. What was not to love? Baking, lots and lots of elaborate baking. Pretty shots of the British countryside. “Brilliant” English accents. Super judges and hosts. Unlike American “cooking” shows these were real people working hard at their “bakes” as the [...] Read more »

Mid-Century Brit – Sticky Toffee Pudding

Several years ago Dan and I went to Scotland. We loved every minute of it from the breathtaking scenery, to the great museums and historic sites, to the locally sourced well-prepared meals. The British Isles have long had a reputation for not being a culinary mecca. But that’s changed for sure. We were impressed with [...] Read more »

A Cake for Lazy Days

Last weekend I randomly opened the cookbook that was on the Dining Room table. The result – Lazy Daisy Cake. This cake is a classic which appears to have been developed in the 1940s. My guess is post-war as there’s quite a bit of sugar in the recipe. Many people grew up having this classic [...] Read more »

Strawberry Angel Food Cake

According to Dan, his mom Jean was a great cook. She loved to bake and mostly baked from scratch. One of the desserts Dan has longingly told me about was her Strawberry Angel Food Cake. Luckily his sister inherited all the recipes so she sent us a copy for me to try. I was a [...] Read more »

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