Grape-Nut Pudding – A New England Marvel

As you can imagine, I have lots and lots of vintage cookbooks. I find reading them comforting, and I always dream of cooking all the recipes.  One recipe that shows up frequently in early to mid-20th century cookbooks is Grape-Nut Pudding. Growing up, I liked Grape-Nut cereal. Then when we moved to New Hampshire, I [...] Read more »

MacKenzie Family Christmas Plum Pudding

Christmas is just around the corner. Our tree is up, and we are planning our annual Christmas Open House. In my spare time, I also entered the Historic Deerfield/King Arthur Flour Heritage Baking Contest last Saturday. My entry was the MacKenzie Christmas Plum Pudding handed down to me by the Canadian cousins. When I married [...] Read more »

Let’s Be Clear About Tapioca Pudding

When you think of old-fashioned desserts like your grandmother made, Tapioca Pudding often is remembered. I know countless people who said “Oh my mother used to make that and I loved it.” But sadly, no one seems to make it anymore. People wanting a Tapioca fix might get one of the processed ready-made tapiocas in [...] Read more »

Indian Pudding – Finally

Who would have thought Indian Pudding was so tricky? This quintessential old-time New England dessert was one I’d made sometime in my culinary past, but for some reason when I made it last week it was a disaster. It just never firmed up, but instead remaining a soupy mess. So what’s the big deal anyway [...] Read more »

An Easy Fruit Dessert – Peach Pudding

About a month ago I had on hand a bag of peaches and wanted to make a quick dessert. My cookbook collection has grown and its easy now to just grab a cookbook and look for a suitable recipe. I found an interesting one in what is quickly becoming my favorite vintage cookbook, Ruth Berolzheimer’s, [...] Read more »

Blueberry Pudding – A Steamed Pudding

Daunting. That’s all I’m going to say. If you’re at all like me the thought of making a steamed Victorian pudding sends shivers up your spine. You’ve heard about them and they sound mysterious, dark, and difficult. What on earth would you steam the pudding in? For how long? Why? Luckily, I’d slightly mastered the [...] Read more »