Mid Century Christmas Dinner

This was a great Christmas for cooking. I had plenty of time, and Dan let me cook pretty much the whole meal. Which meant I could choose whatever vintage, retro recipes I wanted. It ended up being a mid-century menu. Here’s what we had for dinner: Baked Ham Supreme from All Maine Cooking, 1967 Dan’s [...] Read more »

Coffee Gelatine Pie – What A Treat!

My husband Dan grew up in the 1950s in Quincy, MA outside of Boston in a family with deep New England/Canadian/Scottish roots. The food he ate was often food I’ve never heard of such as the fruit punch XaRex (worthy of a whole other blog. We do drink this). One food he remembers very fondly [...] Read more »

Thanksgiving Recipes – Molded Cranberry Salad

Dan and I had our best tasting Thanksgiving dinner to date.  It was a mix of modern and retro. I of course cooked the historic recipes. One of the items I made was a molded gelatine salad. Many early 20th century Thanksgiving menus feature a molded salad. You may have “fond” memories of your mother [...] Read more »