Walnut Meringue Bars

This recipe is just plain yummy. Dan and I have torn through it and it’s all gone just a few days after baking. Something that rarely happens. When there’s just the two of us, sometimes my baked goods languish a bit. It’s hard when you love to bake with a very small family. I’m trying [...] Read more »

Aunt Lil’s Butterscotch Sticks

I’ve had my eye on Aunt Lil’s recipe called Butterscotch Sticks for a while. I just needed to find a similar recipe that gave me a few more directions before trying them. While thumbing through my King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion I came across Vintage Butterscotch Bars. Voila – an almost identical recipe to Aunt [...] Read more »

Bread Pudding on a Cold Snowy Day

Bread pudding has been around for ages and versions of it can be found in many countries’ cuisines. Basically, its a pudding that uses leftover stale bread, eggs, milk and or cream, sugar, raisins and spices. Things that most women had around the house and so could easily whip together at a moment’s notice. Since [...] Read more »

Christmas Baking

Friends often give me their parents’ cookbooks, knowing that I will love any cookbooks that pre-date the 1960s. I recently was given a gold mine of early cookbooks by my friend Anne whose mother passed away last year.  My heart was racing as I loaded up the car knowing I’d have many hours of fun [...] Read more »

Vintage Tomato Soup Cake

Cake made from tomato soup. Really? I’ve seen the recipe over and over in my old cookbooks, but just hadn’t tried it. Yesterday I did, and wow was I glad. Let me say that at first,  while I was incorporating the tomato soup into the batter, I was starting to regret the decision to try [...] Read more »

Caramelized Apple Tart with Cinnamon Custard

Next up in my shelf of cookbooks was Local Flavors: Cooking and Eating from America’s Farmer’s Markets, by Deborah Madison in 2002. I don’t think I’ve cooked a thing from this cookbook, despite it being one of “my” books, as opposed to Dan’s. Winter probably isn’t the best time to be cooking from a cookbook [...] Read more »

Mid-Century Brit – Sticky Toffee Pudding

Several years ago Dan and I went to Scotland. We loved every minute of it from the breathtaking scenery, to the great museums and historic sites, to the locally sourced well-prepared meals. The British Isles have long had a reputation for not being a culinary mecca. But that’s changed for sure. We were impressed with [...] Read more »

MacKenzie Family Christmas Plum Pudding

Christmas is just around the corner. Our tree is up, and we are planning our annual Christmas Open House. In my spare time, I also entered the Historic Deerfield/King Arthur Flour Heritage Baking Contest last Saturday. My entry was the MacKenzie Christmas Plum Pudding handed down to me by the Canadian cousins. When I married [...] Read more »

Gingerbread – Again

I needed something quick to take to a party on Friday. Looking in my pantry and through my recipes, I decided to make Gingerbread. It’s easy, portable, and was perfect for a cold, chilly night. Yes, I’ve blogged about Gingerbread before in a March, 2013 post. But can one ever get enough of this tasty [...] Read more »

Homemade Apple Dumplings

There’s no better fall dessert than Apple Dumplings made from scratch. There are lots of great apple orchards in our area including McKenzie Farm. Loaded up with apples from the farm,  I searched for a recipe in a c. 1920s Calumet Baking Powder pamphlet. The resulting dumplings were delicious.       Dumplings have been around as food [...] Read more »

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