Open Hearth Cooking at Remick Museum

Last weekend, Dan and I spent a wonderful day at the local Remick County Doctor Farm and Museum in Tamworth, New Hampshire. We were there to take an all-day Open Hearth Cooking Class with the staff. We’ve taken several classes, but this was by far the most in-depth class. There were twelve of us in [...] Read more »

Yankee Magazine Photo Shoot

Yankee Magazine came calling on Monday. Matt, their freelance photographer, came to photograph me, Dan and Aunt Lil’s wonderful Rich Coffee Cake. The photos will be used to illustrate an article in their September/October issue. The day before, I made two coffee cakes for photographing. One of the interesting aspects of this, was that the [...] Read more »

Open Hearth Cooking Classes

One of the reasons Aunt Lil’s cook book doesn’t include cooking directions, oven temperatures or times, is because she used a wood stove until she died in 1946. Dan and I would love to find classes on cooking on a wood stove, but haven’t had any luck yet. We have found two opportunities to learn [...] Read more »

Stand Mixer Joy

Yes, I love my new to me 1970s era Sunbeam Stand Mixer. What’s not to love. I bet this puppy will keep going for the next 20 years. And while I was at it, I was browsing through fun images of women with their stand mixers. There’s some great vintage women’s magazine images that I’m [...] Read more »

Hermits Cookies

On July 4th I was asked to bring dessert on a friend’s boat. “Something easy to eat with your fingers”, my friend asked. Naturally, cookies came to mind. I’d been meaning to try Hermits for quite some time. The majority of my pre-1950 cookbooks have Hermits listed as a cookie, so I figured they must [...] Read more »

Coffee Cake with a Few Surprises

It’s a cold January day and after coming in from snow shoeing I thought it would be nice to bake something from Aunt Lil’s recipe book. The book opened to a recipe called “Rich Coffee Cake.” The page is incredibly stained, so I assume Aunt Lil liked this recipe and used it. Like many cake [...] Read more »

Thanksgiving Recipes – Molded Cranberry Salad

Dan and I had our best tasting Thanksgiving dinner to date.  It was a mix of modern and retro. I of course cooked the historic recipes. One of the items I made was a molded gelatine salad. Many early 20th century Thanksgiving menus feature a molded salad. You may have “fond” memories of your mother [...] Read more »

Aunt Lil is Back in her New Hampshire Kitchen!

At last the move is completed and Dan, the dogs Faith and Mac, and Mattie the one-eyed wonder cat are all under the same roof with me. Best of all I now have a real kitchen again. I haven’t been posting for many reasons. One being my galley kitchen had no stove. I was using [...] Read more »