Farmers Market Finds

Since Farmer’s Markets are finally in full swing here in upper New Hampshire, I decided to try some recipes from Farmer John’s Cookbook: The Real Dirt on Vegetables, 2006. This is a great cookbook divided by the seasons. There are many creative recipes that help you use your bounty if you have a garden. Or [...] Read more »

Brussels Sprouts – Love Them or Hate Them?

Sometimes recipes don’t reach their potential. And if you’re like me you wonder was it my fault? Or the recipes? In my quest to try a recipe from each of my cookbooks, I pulled out this classic that belongs to Dan, Betty Crocker’s International Cookbook, 1980. Today we think nothing of cooking foods from other [...] Read more »

Mid Century Christmas Dinner

This was a great Christmas for cooking. I had plenty of time, and Dan let me cook pretty much the whole meal. Which meant I could choose whatever vintage, retro recipes I wanted. It ended up being a mid-century menu. Here’s what we had for dinner: Baked Ham Supreme from All Maine Cooking, 1967 Dan’s [...] Read more »

Harvard Beets – A New England Tradition

Dan grew up outside of Boston in the 1950s and enjoyed many culinary experiences that were not found in my home in the Mid-West. Harvard Beets for example. I’d never even heard of them. Dan hated them as a child, which makes sense. They aren’t exactly a child-friendly vegetable. But now he loves them and [...] Read more »

A Bit of Vermont – Baked Sweet Potato and Apple Slices

Living in the south for the last five years, I think of sweet potatoes as southern comfort food.  But its not to say that over the years northerners haven’t eaten their share of sweet potatoes. However, for a variety of reasons, its not high on their list of food ingredients. Sweet potatoes have been grown [...] Read more »

Cabbage – A Victorian Vegetable Rediscovered.

There are quite a few cabbage recipes in Great Aunt Lillian’s cookbook. It’s the end of the “spring” season cabbage weather here in the south and we won’t get any more in our local Farmer’s Market’s (I’m partial to the Five Points Market that takes place right outside my museum door!) until fall. I’ve been [...] Read more »