Apple Puff Pancake – A Breakfast Treat

Still filled with apples in the house, so when I saw my husband’s cousin Meredith post a recipe for Apple Puffed Pancake I took notice. Especially when she said she’d been eating it for “years and years.” While not as old as most of my recipes, this one dates from 1979. It comes from Cooking [...] Read more »

Dutch Apple Cake Revisited – A Fall Dessert

Here in New Hampshire we are now in the midst of apple season. After a recent visit to a nearby orchard, I wanted to bake something other than apple crisp or apple brown betty, so I looked through my cook books for something that excited me. Ah, the infamous Dutch Apple Cake! Infamous, because in [...] Read more »

Blackberry Pie – A Classic

Here in New Hampshire, wild blackberry season has just ended. Dan and I are lucky enough to live surrounded by woods with plenty of blackberry patches to pick from. Once the crop was plentiful, we saved enough to make a blackberry pie. There are literally hundreds of recipes to choose from in my vintage cook [...] Read more »

Hermits Cookies

On July 4th I was asked to bring dessert on a friend’s boat. “Something easy to eat with your fingers”, my friend asked. Naturally, cookies came to mind. I’d been meaning to try Hermits for quite some time. The majority of my pre-1950 cookbooks have Hermits listed as a cookie, so I figured they must [...] Read more »

Rationing Desserts – Upside Down Blueberry Cake

I’m gathering quite a collection of World War II cook books that were designed to help housewives cope with rationing while still keeping their families happy. Blueberries from the grocery store spurred me on to look for a suitable recipe. I found one in a small pamphlet entitled: Your Share: How to Prepare Appetizing, Healthful [...] Read more »

Rhubarb Pie for Spring

Nothing says spring in New England more that Rhubarb Pie. Rhubarb is one of those fruits that you either love or hate. I happen to love it so when some rhubarb appeared in the grocery store, I snapped some up. I found an interesting recipe for Rhubarb Pie in a new cook book given to [...] Read more »

Strawberry Shortcake – A Short History

Sorry I’ve been so out of touch. Quite frankly, I’ve had no time to cook as I get the museum ready for opening day. But two weeks ago, while in the grocery store I spied a huge basket of strawberries and couldn’t resist picking them up. Sure, they weren’t local. Our strawberries won’t be ready [...] Read more »

Indian Pudding – Finally

Who would have thought Indian Pudding was so tricky? This quintessential old-time New England dessert was one I’d made sometime in my culinary past, but for some reason when I made it last week it was a disaster. It just never firmed up, but instead remaining a soupy mess. So what’s the big deal anyway [...] Read more »

Baked Bean Casserole with Franks

Dan and I needed something quick to eat a few nights ago. This, coupled with the fact we had some hot dogs in the fridge that needed eating, led me to look through his mother’s handwritten cook book for a possible recipe. Bingo! I found a handwritten recipe for Baked Bean Casserole with Franks. The [...] Read more »

World War II Applesauce Cake

One of the dessert recipes that turns up frequently in my cook books from the first half of the 20th century is Applesauce Cake. The fad for this cake began during rationing in World War I and its popularity peaked in World War II. Once rationing was no longer needed, the cake faded from the [...] Read more »

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