Christmas Baking

Friends often give me their parents’ cookbooks, knowing that I will love any cookbooks that pre-date the 1960s. I recently was given a gold mine of early cookbooks by my friend Anne whose mother passed away last year.  My heart was racing as I loaded up the car knowing I’d have many hours of fun [...] Read more »

Christmas Morning Cranberry Muffins

I wanted something fun to eat for Christmas morning, but something I could make ahead. So today, Christmas Eve, I made Cranberry Muffins from Betty Crocker’s Hostess Cookbook, 1967.  This fun cookbook was another freebie from a church tag sale. Even though 1967 is a bit late for my preferred recipes, the cover was just [...] Read more »

Holly Hermit Cookies for Christmas

I needed to bring something to two different parties yesterday, so I decided to try Holly Hermits from the Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Cook Book, 1959. I found this well-loved book at a church rummage sale in the free pile. Score! Whoever owned it before me really loved this book as many pages are [...] Read more »

Gooseberry Patch Christmas Cookies

Luckily for me, the next two cookbooks pulled from our shelves were Christmas editions from the Gooseberry Patch franchise. Luckily in that they are Christmas themed, and I had been wanting to bake come cookies. Yes, in a moment of strange desire I had purchased three Gooseberry Patch Christmas books from a used bookstore in [...] Read more »

Syllabub – A Christmas Drink with a British Past

Saturday I volunteered at the Remick Country Doctor Museum and Farm for their Homestead Christmas event. My job was to serve syllabub to visitors while telling them about the history of this historic drink. Let’s just say, I made many converts to this unusual and tasty drink! It was quite fun to see people’s expressions [...] Read more »

Spicy Gingerbread

Today’s cookbook to explore from the collection was another from Dan, The Book of Hot & Spicy Foods, 1987. Oh, so not me! As I went through looking for a recipe, I was pleased to see a nice dessert section that focused on “spiced” desserts. One of which was frosted gingerbread. That was something I [...] Read more »

Mid-Century Brit – Sticky Toffee Pudding

Several years ago Dan and I went to Scotland. We loved every minute of it from the breathtaking scenery, to the great museums and historic sites, to the locally sourced well-prepared meals. The British Isles have long had a reputation for not being a culinary mecca. But that’s changed for sure. We were impressed with [...] Read more »

MacKenzie Family Christmas Plum Pudding

Christmas is just around the corner. Our tree is up, and we are planning our annual Christmas Open House. In my spare time, I also entered the Historic Deerfield/King Arthur Flour Heritage Baking Contest last Saturday. My entry was the MacKenzie Christmas Plum Pudding handed down to me by the Canadian cousins. When I married [...] Read more »

Gingerbread – Again

I needed something quick to take to a party on Friday. Looking in my pantry and through my recipes, I decided to make Gingerbread. It’s easy, portable, and was perfect for a cold, chilly night. Yes, I’ve blogged about Gingerbread before in a March, 2013 post. But can one ever get enough of this tasty [...] Read more »

Mid Century Christmas Dinner

This was a great Christmas for cooking. I had plenty of time, and Dan let me cook pretty much the whole meal. Which meant I could choose whatever vintage, retro recipes I wanted. It ended up being a mid-century menu. Here’s what we had for dinner: Baked Ham Supreme from All Maine Cooking, 1967 Dan’s [...] Read more »

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