Cooking on a Wood Stove

Two weekends ago, Dan and I went to the Remick Country Doctor Farm and Museum in Tamworth, NH to take a course on wood stove cooking. I was so excited about this class as Great Aunt Lil, for whom this blog is named, cooked on a wood stove all her life. When she died in [...] Read more »

Open Hearth Cooking at Remick Museum

Last weekend, Dan and I spent a wonderful day at the local Remick County Doctor Farm and Museum in Tamworth, New Hampshire. We were there to take an all-day Open Hearth Cooking Class with the staff. We’ve taken several classes, but this was by far the most in-depth class. There were twelve of us in [...] Read more »

MacKenzie Family Christmas Plum Pudding

Christmas is just around the corner. Our tree is up, and we are planning our annual Christmas Open House. In my spare time, I also entered the Historic Deerfield/King Arthur Flour Heritage Baking Contest last Saturday. My entry was the MacKenzie Christmas Plum Pudding handed down to me by the Canadian cousins. When I married [...] Read more »

Homemade Gumdrops for the Holidays

Recently I picked up a new (yes, really new) cookbook that I couldn’t resist, The Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook by Liz Gutman and Jen King. These two women own a candy company. Since candies are prominently featured in my vintage cook books, I thought this how to book would be very helpful as I delve [...] Read more »

Potato Chip Cookies – Vintage But Still Modern

There’s a new craze for salty, sweet foods in America, so it wasn’t surprising that the June/July issue of Cook’s Country Magazine featured a Potato Chip Cookie recipe. I knew this was a vintage-style recipe, and I was intrigued to try it. Potato Chips themselves have a fascinating history going back to the 1850s in [...] Read more »

World War II Era Apple Crisp

I’ve been on an apple kick lately, since there are still plenty of fall apples available. I had a few apples in a bowl that were starting to turn, and I wanted to use them up. So I went through my cookbooks looking for a simple recipe where I had all the ingredients. I pulled [...] Read more »

Going Bananas for Banana Bread

If you’re like me you always seen to have over-ripe bananas around the kitchen. Until recently they would end up in the compost, but now thanks to my growing collection of vintage cookbooks I have a wealth of banana bread recipes that call for 2-3 bananas for baking. I’ve got two good tasting, healthy, and [...] Read more »

A Jiffy Cake for Harried Moms of the Past

Yep, even in those days that we look back at so fondly and say “oh it was better then….” , mom’s were harried. Perhaps it was the many P.T.A. or Club meetings to attend? For my mom, it was her need to juggle her every consuming passion for golf, with being a Girl Scout leader, [...] Read more »

Waffling over Aunt Lillian’s Waffles

As I was looking through Aunt Lillian’s cookbook, it struck me that Aunt Lillian’s recipe for waffles might be a fun and simple recipe to make – certainly all the ingredients are on hand at any time in our kitchen. Dan and I have a special fondness for waffles having made them since we started [...] Read more »

A History of the Use of Molasses vs. Sugar

This blog was going to be about the molasses cookies I made last week. Great cookies made from Aunt Lilly’s recipe. And as I was adding the photos I realized, whoops! I have already blogged about Aunt Lilly’s Molasses Cookie recipe in my second blog back in early June. So, I now have created a [...] Read more »

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