World War II Victory Cake

This winter I made a Victory Cake for my talk on World War II rationing at the Wright Museum. By far of all the things I cooked for my talk, this Victory Cake was the most popular. I found the recipe in The Modern Hostess Cook Book, Patriotic Edition, 1942. Victory Cakes we’re popular during [...] Read more »

Stories From the Home Front

While I was researching my talk for the Wright Museum of World War II history this winter, many of you kindly sent me your memories of rationing and daily life on the Home Front. I thought it might be interesting to share some of the stories with all of you. Marjory, the mother of one [...] Read more »

Rationing and Yankee Magazine

That’s right, we’ll be talking about World War II rationing and Yankee Magazine today. What do they have in common? Well, not much really. But I have lots of news to share about both. Last Sunday I gave my first lecture on World War II cooking and rationing at the Wright Museum of World War [...] Read more »

World War II Cookies – Peanut Rocks

As I get ready for my talk in two weeks, I’ve been experimenting with different recipes. I’ve promised everyone that samples will be provided! My first attempt at molasses cookies was awful (though Dan liked them). But I have to remember these recipes may not turn out as good as I’d like. Sugar substitutes and [...] Read more »

Rationing During World War II

I’ve been doing lots of research on the subject of rationing during World War II for my upcoming talk at the Wright Museum of World War II history. (For those who are in the area, my talk is on February 16th at 2:00). The more I learn about rationing, shortages and price ceilings, the more [...] Read more »

Looks Good, Tastes Bad Cranberry Molasses Pie

Sure, it seemed like a good idea. But sometimes the most innocent of recipes can go wrong – horribly wrong. My husband Dan is a cranberry hoarder. I know that’s kind of a weird thing to hoard, but if you open our freezer, or look in the vegetable bin of the fridge you will currently [...] Read more »

World War II Applesauce Muffins

I’ve been doing lots of research for my upcoming lecture at the Wright Museum of World War II History about cooking during the war. My talk will be in February, and I’ve promised to not only give an illustrated talk, but to bring samples of baked goods for people to try. Yikes, what have I [...] Read more »

Rationing Desserts – Upside Down Blueberry Cake

I’m gathering quite a collection of World War II cook books that were designed to help housewives cope with rationing while still keeping their families happy. Blueberries from the grocery store spurred me on to look for a suitable recipe. I found one in a small pamphlet entitled: Your Share: How to Prepare Appetizing, Healthful [...] Read more »